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Midterm-1 grades

About the Paper-review period Paper-review, in general, is an activity through which all students taking the exam have an opportunity to view and check their exam paper during a particular time period (which generally consists of a week) after the exam results are revealed. Each student is supposed to read the instructions and the Paper-review policy before […]

Midterm 1 exam places and some reminding

The first midterm exam will be held on April 06, 2019  Saturday at 09:30 a.m..  In order to find out their scores on time and make use of paper-review, each student must take the exam in the pre-assigned rooms. All students taking the exam will be asked to submit the following documents during the exam: METU ID Card An […]

Midterm 1 content

Date: April 06, 2019 Saturday at 09:30 a.m. This week, there will be announcement about exam regulations, and exam places. Exam places and further information will be available on SIS118. Exam covers chapter 6,7 and 9 of the syllabus Please follow announcements regularly and read the instructions carefully.

Recitation room for section 13 has been changed!

Recitation room of section 13 (Friday 08:40 10:30) is changed from M07 to P4

Section Transfer has been done!

To balance the number of students enrolled to each subsection,  some re-arrangements with no intervention to schedules have been done by the course coordination.  For more information about the activity, see Section Change Policy (SCP) and FAQs. Section transfers are done you can check from SIS118  and you should attend to your section starting from this week (08.03.2019)

Recitation room for section 22 has been changed!

Recitation room of section 22 (Friday 10:40 12:30) is changed from BIO Z-03 to P1

Change in Recitation Bonuses and about Section Transfers Next Week

A bonus has been added  to recitations. 5 points over quizes+2 points from attendance, so totally there will be 7 points bonuses of recitations. From this week (Mar. 01, 2019), further recitation activities, like quizzes and attendance, will start, and hence make sure that you are attending to the right section from this week and next […]

Recitation room for section 25 has been changed!

Recitation room of section 25 (Friday 10:40 12:30) is changed from G206 to P7

Helproom is available

Here you can find the tentative schedule.