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Exam/Recitation Results available

Dear students, exam results and recitation grades are available.You can find your results on Sıs118. (Remember that recitation quizzes can provide at most 5 extra points.)

Final Exam is coming

Dear students, Final Exam will take its place on July 10, 2020 16:30-18:30 on metuclass. Remember that it will be in the usual quiz format and cover all the topics in the syllabus.

Trial Exam

Dear Students, There will be a trial exam on Thursday, June 25, 16:30-17:30 on metuclass,  in the quiz format. The trial exam covers the same subjects as the first exam (in other words, up to and including Chapter 9); it will have 10 questions and will last 60 minutes. It will not be included in […]

Exam Dates II

Dear Math 118 students, Below you shall find some deteals regarding the upcoming exams for MATH118 The exams will be on July 1 and July 10, 16:30-18:30. The exams have about 20 questions and last about 120 minutes. There will be only one make-up exam, on July 13, 16:30-18:30. The exam has about 20 questions […]

Exam Dates

Dear Math 118 Students, The exam dates has been determined by the department as follows: Midterm exam on July 1 2020 at 16:30 which covers all sections in the syllabus up to and including Chapter 9 Final exam on July 10 at 16:30 which covers all the topics in the syllabus. The exams will be […]

Lecture Place for Section 2

Lecture Place for Section 2 is changed from  FZ09 to G108 see the schedule

Recitation Place for Section 25 is Changed!

Recitation place for Section 25 is changed from MEG202 to P7, see the schedule.

Classroom of Section 3 (Lectures) is changed.

Classroom for Section 3 is changed starting with February 24, 2020 as follows: Monday 8:40–10:30 YP A4 Wednesday 10:40–12:30 MM 125

Section Transfer has been completed!

To balance the number of students enrolled in each subsection,  some re-arrangements with no intervention to schedules have been done by the course coordination.  For more information about the activity, see Section Change Policy (SCP) and FAQs. Section transfer week consists of the following updates which are in effect from the week Feb. 17-21, 2020: Section 21 is closed: Students in […]

Section Transfer Week

To balance the number of students enrolled in each subsection, we will make some arrangements with no intervention to schedules next week (until Feb. 19, 2020, Wednesday).  That is, a student’s recitation section, if necessary, might be changed to some other one, which will be in the same session with the old one, by the course coordination. Section change policy, […]