Grading, Recitation and Make-up

Grading: The weights of the exams are as follows:

Exam 1 30 %
Exam 2 30 %
Final Exam 40 %
Quiz/Attendance 5 % (bonus)

Recitation Activities and Recitation Grades

Recitation activities (or just recitation) essentially consist of

  1. discussion /problem solving sessions in accordance with the topics of each week given in the syllabus, and
  2. a number of quizzes and/or attendance.

Recitation grade (out of 5 points) is determined by the average of quiz grades and attendance. Contribution of the quiz grades and attendance to the recitation total grade may differ in each semester. The course coordination reserves the right to determine the contribution in each semester. For instance, there may be no contribution from attendance grade to the total grade , and hence total recitation grade may be determined solely by the average quiz grade. On the other hand, there may be another possible scenario in which the contribution of the average quiz grade may be 5 credits and that of attendance may be 2 credits.

In general, each semester consists of at least 6 or 7 quizzes (each is out of 10). When calculating average quiz grade, one or two lowest quiz grades of each student are automatically omitted(including zeros if you missed one or two weeks), and hence best quiz grades are taken into account while calculating the total quiz grade. Note that  total number of quizzes to be given  throughout the semester (and that of quizzes to be omitted) is determined by the course coordination at the beginning of each semester. This policy provides each student with missing/failing any of the recitation activities listed above without requiring any official/unofficial excuses, and hence there will be no make-up for any missed recitation activity (including both quizzes and attendance.)

Quizzes: There will be a quiz given in recitation hours in some weeks.

Make-up examination:

Only one make-up examination, the general make up exam, will be offered for the benefit of those students who, hopefully for good reasons (must be proved with documents), have been unable to attend any of the examinations. The make-up examination may not resemble the other examinations as regards its form and content and will take place shortly after the final exam. The grade obtained in the make-up examination will be treated as the grade obtained in the unattended examination.

  1. All announcements and procedures for the general make-up examination are revealed right after the final exam (registration, exam date, rules and regulations) . When available, please follow the instructions for the registration.
  2. You do NOT need to submit your supporting document, for instance, to Department of Mathematics or Medico or elsewhere, right after the missed exam. But instead please safely keep your supporting documents, bring them to the exam place with you, and do not try to hand them over until you are asked to do.
  3. Students with Midterm 1+ Midterm 2 < 20 are not allowed to take the make up exam. (Check: NA criteria)