NA Criteria

Who gets NA grade?

Before the final exam, students will be categorized in the following way:

1) M1 + M2  >= 20

2) M1 + M2 < 20,

for which M1 is the Midterm 1 score out of 100, and M2 is the Midterm 2 score out of 100.

  • Students in group 1 will be able to take the final exam.
  • Students in group 2 will NOT be able to take the final exam. They will get an automatic NA grade.


a) Student A attends to Midterm 1 and his score is 20. He/she does not take Midterm 2 being on leave for academic/medical reasons. Since M1+M2 = 20 >= 20, He/she is eligible for the final exam. If he/she submits relevant documents, it is also possible to take make-up exam which is given after the final. No problem at all.

b) Student B does not attend to Midterm 1 because of their illness. He/she attends to Midterm 2 and get 18 points. Since M1+M2 = 18 < 20, he/she won’t be able to take final exam and get NA grade. It should be in mind that in this example, taking make-up for Midterm is not possible even if he/she has an appropriate official document (academic/medical report etc.).

Math 118-Calculus II

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